For this issue, we studied 8 Zero Waste communities with >700.000 members and identified >100 problems. Below is a curated list of the 4 problems we found most appealing.
As most of you probably noticed, the community space is currently trending. Community has become a business model for IndieHackers, and the space is ex…
Hi everyone πŸ‘‹ As a variation from our usual content, we want to share something new with you today. You can vote this format up or down at the end. Al…
The "Gamestop short squeeze" subreddit
This week's issue on the high-growth subreddit r/RealEstateInvesting
An announcement + this week's issue on SoloTravel
This week, we studied an exploding subreddit: r/BitcoinBeginner
For this issue, we focused on VanLife-Communities. We studied 5 online communities and found >100 problems. Below we share the 4 most common ones.
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